34. "A Family," by Jamel Brinkley (published in Gulf Coast)

Recently released from prison for killing a pedestrian while drunk driving, Curtis stalks and then approaches Lena, the significant other of his friend Marvin, who died in a fire while Curtis was locked up. Gritty and steamy (not in an overtly NSFW way), I found the language beautiful even without any clear witticisms or trickiness. I was also struck by how well the author portrayed Curtis as emotionally under-developed, to the point that although the narrator makes it a point that Lena and Curtis are the same age (35), I had trouble seeing Curtis as anything other than a 16-year old. I suspect this is largely the point, of course. And for some reason, I kept expecting this story to be in first person, when in fact it is in third. I don't know why that matters, but it seems to.

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