Iíve just about hit my 2018 Goodreads challenge target, which I set at 52 books (I should get there by the time the clock strikes on the 31st). Pondering 2019, I thought that rather than increase the target number of books, Iíd leave it at 52, but add a separate challenge for myself: read 52 short stories as well.

Iím keeping the ground rules simple and forgiving: Any short story counts, except ones Iíve written myself; critiques and beta reads can count provided itís a complete story. Any source will do; the New Yorker, any anthology, websites of markets Iím scouting for my own submissions; if I happen to read a book that is a collection of short stories, I can double-count it on both the Goodreads list and the short-story list (the goal is to read more stories, not kill myself to death).

And if 52 starts to look like not enough challenge, I might push the goalposts back for myself partway through the year.

Who is in with me? How many short stories do you want to read in 2019? State your goal here and then come back and tell us what youíre reading.