Here are the loglines for three scripts that I have finished and polished to a point where I believe they're production-ready. I won't post them here because obviously that's not allowed. But before I continue on with this post I just want to give you guys an idea of what I'm working with here.

THE RUN-AWAY: When a mysterious young girl shows up at their door, a young couple is forced to reconcile the darkness within their long, storied partnership.
A MOMENT: Two crude teenagers try (and fail) to find themselves in each other on an emotional odyssey through their small, rural town.
I LOVE YOU, MOM: An ailing mother flushes her psychotropic medications down the drain and proceeds to unintentionally hurt the people that she loves.

I want to start sending out query letters. I really, really, really do. I have work on my hands that I want to put out into the world. I feel ready.

But I'm a college student. And I live in Tampa.

How do I even find producers or writing managers to send query letters to? I read somewhere that I need to send out hundreds. But I need to find producers that will actually be interested in the style of work that I have here. And I don't know how many producers have their contact info lying around on IMDb for just anyone to find. I hear most good producers are pretty secretive. They have walls up because of just how many submissions they recieve.
Do I submit to screenwriting competitions? I hear that scripts that are more execution-dependent than high-concept fare better in those sorts of environments. But I don't think these scripts are JUST execution-dependent. They HAVE concept. I just don't know how attractive they're going to be to prospective buyers -- they're all kind of gloomy.