I hope Iím not too forward to post this thread. Iím a new author and new to AW. Iíve enjoyed reading several of the threads in this topic and didnít see this issue raised. Here goes:

As a ďpantserĒ It seems Iíve written a 150k word novel. I can best describe it as a macabre love story with cooking as the common bond between my major characters. As I put it together, I found that the most interesting character was the woman. My revisions brought her forward as the main character. She has most of the emotional conflict.

I could split this to two books easily and think I should. Books three and four are in my head butÖ

If presented as an up-market womenís fiction piece, would it sell with a male authorís name? Should I change my pen name to Monti A. Burr instead of Monty?