I think everybody, not only writers, have the same problem in every aspect of the life

what about if i suck at this? what about if people think i'm a stupid? what about my project goes to the trash?

First of all, you're not a noob, you're just a human being like me who fears about the future and the uncertainty and it's totally normal. Now said this, we're in the world of 8........ millions of millions of people, people who have different beliefs, different ways to think, different ways to determinate which is good which is bad, what's inmoral, what is not... etc etc, do you think is a ridiculous idea stop doing what you love just for please them? think about it

Unfortunately, nothing that people say in the forum will matter until your face that fear, is the only way to do it :/

And you will probably think i'm the meanest guy ever but let's face it, the community can cheer up, they can give you our life experiences but at the end, we can face your fear for you, is your battle and is your responsability move your butt and fight for your dreams. The best advice i can give you is NEVER GIVE UP, NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, and also remember, what is bad for some people, for other people is a piece of art