[QUOTE=gumandsoda;10487259]Hi! So I usually write fiction -- novels, specifically -- but I have this project that is already written that I am thinking of submitting for publication. I sort of know how this process works with fiction (i.e., query letters to agents or small presses), but is it the same for something that is considered "creative nonfiction" or memoir? Also, this project is NOT fiction, but I MIGHT want to market it as fiction . . . if so, how would I handle that in terms of looking for a publisher? Should I just say that up front, or do I need to decide for sure before I even start pitching it around? Thanks!

If it is nonfiction, let it be nonfiction. Nonfiction is really popular these days. Look at film. True stories and based on true stories are successful. If you've published before and have an agent, ask your agent. If you publish as nonfiction, make sure it rings true. Find source material and quote it or display it.

I recently pulished a narrative and it is really catching on. I published my email address and my readers main comments are about the verisimilitude. They love that it really happened.
Kenny Ranen
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