I joined about 5 days ago, and have posted on some other threads. I have been writing for a long time but have only just self-published my first novel recently. I've written poetry and short stories too. I have a couple of unfinished novels and I'm working on one of them now. I like writing children's fantasy but am seriously considering writing horror too as I found the scary bits fn my novel so much fun.

I like to hand-write the first draft which 1) shows my age and 2) seems to be the only way I can get fhe initial material down. I can write fast which helps, but I can type up a storm when I need to as well. I can't see myself ever stopping writing as I always seem to have more ideas than I can possibly use. I also enjoy drawing and deliberately executed the cardinal error of using my own drawing for the cover of my book. I don't expect to make money from writing so thought what the hell?