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Is that what my problem is?? I've been through four, no five... wait... well, I've burned through my share of laptops and computers since these past few years. Never could figure out how so many could start shooting flames through the keys as I wrote. Kinda always assumed I was just that much of a bad mama jama that the tech couldn't handle anymore. Thanks for shattering the illusion!

Also, I am not the Winnebago man but a major competitor. I won't say who as it has now become the company that shall not be named. But it was always fun when one of our dealers working on a Winnebago would call me and become irate when I could find no info on that unit. Became adept at recognizing a Winnebago VIN pretty quickly.

I'm always open to share my writing, especially with other writers! I guess I have to get to 50 posts before I can share anything here, but I do have the MS on Betabooks for those willing to put their eyes to it.
I'm working on that 50 posts too. A little banter goes a long way towards it!

I too enjoy writing, and reading, about the human condition and mental health, but my work usually gravitates towards the supernatural. I can't seem to help it!!