Hello all! I am a newbie. To this forum, and any other. Forums have always vexed me. And no, I'm not ancient learning how to interwebz or anything like that, I have just preferred to be old school while everyone else camps in line a week ahead to get the newest cell phone. I typed my first works on a typewriter, saved my first digital works on floppy disks, and did my research via encyclopedias. All during the growing internet age (but there was dial-up, so it was still basically useless). I live in a small town with fairly small minded people where an intellectual is more rare than a Pegasus-unicorn-mermaid-centaur (do yourself a favor and don't try to picture that). As such, I've been brow-beaten into delving into the infinite internet realm in hopes of finding the elusive intellectuals so that I can finally find others who speak the same language as I pretend to.

I am closer to thirty than to twenty-one. Bachelor's in Automotive Business Management. Experience is in the RV industry in corporate management. Traded all the ratchets and meetings and memos and soooo many reports!!! all for the freedom that the life of a writer allots. (Freedom?? What world is this noob living in, are we not all slaves to this craft if not more so than we once were to that dreaded time-clock??)

I have completed my first manuscript (the first I'm willing to take to publishing). I will be handing over my life's work to my wonderful editor in January and plan to publish mid to late 2019. During that time, I would very much like to meet fellow writers, find some willing beta readers and critique partners, and grow my writing network. Authors unite! Stop hyperventilating! I know the lot of us are introverts, but that's what the internet is for! Let's all don our extrovert masks and make believe our pseudo-confident identities into charismatic savants! Who wouldn't want to befriend such a creature? Seriously though... friends?