Hello Everyone!
My Name Is Matt but most people call me Alien or Alienx999 on the internet.

What Genres do I like- Alot of the certain types of Action and Horror genres, Comedic Books, Im mostly a wildcard when it comes to anything except that im not a big fan of romance novels.

What do I like to read?- Well I just been starting to read more with audiobooks and comic books when I been trying to sort out this plot in my head so Ill just name a few that I've Read: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Series, Half of the Neverending Story, the Sonic Archie Comics, A bit of Who Plugged Roger Rabbit. if there's anymore ill see if I can edit this and add them on there.

How long have I been writing?- Not a long time but im getting the hang of it.

Do I Beta Read?-no, but I am really good at checking my errors a little

Do I have any particular hobbies- Why yes... Video Games, Movies, Reading audiobooks, tinkering with old consoles and modding them, and yes I am sorta good at video games, and im also good at modding them.

Thank you all for welcoming me, and I thank Lorne Lanning for giving me some advice on writing and telling me about these groups!

Thank you!