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Not the worst prez ever and far from the best. George H.W. Bush was a middling mediocrity who looks better in retrospective when compared to Dubya and the current occupier of the Oval Office.
Yeah, but what president doesn't look better compared to the current occupier? If the Founding Fathers had known about Trump, you'd still be British subjects.

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Oh, and #45 showed up because #43 was determined not to freeze him out from his funeral. Nice of George H.W. to be the bigger and far more gracious man than I would ever be.
Or, not so gracious? What better way to torture a man determined to be the center of attention than to invite him to sit right up front, with people of equivalent status, and leave him to seethe that the event wasn't about him?
George (43) Bush was a frat boy and president of his fraternity. Bet he understood how to slight a man while smiling and shaking his hand.
"Why, here, you just sit down with this collection of has-beens and enemies. And, we've got you right up here in the prestige seats, so you can't complain that you've been shunned."
Well played, sir. He can't claim that he was ignored, or that it was a plot by his enemies.
Bet it gave Barbara Bush a laugh, as she waited for her husband to join her.