Hello all, I predominately write fantasy, but like a bit of anything, really. Since fantasy can encompass it all. Research has taught me that over the years. Who knew, am I right?

Started writing (bad) poetry when I was in elementary school. Ditched that pretty quick. But a line or a phrase might pop to mind at 3 am so I'll have to jot it in a journal from time to time. More for a story idea than not. Who else carries a notebook with them everywhere they go?
Have yet to publish, but self-publishing is still on the horizon, so, I'm here to learn all I can, while I can.

Funny, I like to write Fantasy, but I find myself reading Biographies more than anything. Reading Tolkien: A Biography, at the moment. Very interesting. Always thought he wrote The Hobbit first.

I haven't officially beta read. No. Did read for someone a LONG time ago. Just remember his female lead shoving a hairbrush into her pocket and then having to educate him on how women use purses.

Hobbies? Besides writing? Uh... Just the typical tv, movies, (when there's anything GOOD to watch) and games on my cell phone. Ttfn.