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Thread: Lit Fic Check-In?

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    figuring it all out Maddy Knight's Avatar
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    Oct 2020
    I'm using chrome. Maybe both me and my computer are too old.

    My big confession is that ... I don't read. I really don't care for it. I think I have read 20 books in my life, with the majority being turn-of-the-century writers: William Morris, George MacDonald, and 1920s writer James branch Cabell, with Cabell probably my strongest influence (we owe him big time for taking on the US government over indecency laws). And, I would need a day to remember half of the rest have read. What I can brag about, though, is that my writing will be underivative. Is that a word?

    It was / is the same with screenplays. I learned the formatting and basic craft, then told stories however I wanted, and let the world decide where they should be filed away. I suppose I should look at novels the same, but the query world wants to know. So I wing it. My first finished novel (manuscript) is told from a woman's POV, it's not meant for a quick read (coffee or wine should accompany it), so is it Woemn's Lit Fiction? I tend to cringe with terms like 'upmarket'. Screenwriters were /are constantly pushing 'Hign Concept', but when you ask them to explain it, all they can come up with 'I know it when I see it.' Arg.

    I need to stop being a butthead and learn these terms as best I can, even though none seem all that well defined, and open to interpretation.

    I just have to write what I want, and hope that no one throws tomatoes.
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