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Perhaps consider a right-side brain dump; the creative side. Close youre eyes and dump it to the page. Ignore spelling, sentence structure, all that. Then bring in the linear-thinking left side. Make art of the blob you just produced. Here's an example from my own recent work, a WIP short story. Complete dump, no analytical thought, eyes closed and seeing, hearing.

Female. Boston. Winters slysh snow dirty fray skies. A book of painting repros. Male techie briend. She has friends. Coffee shop. Warm. SMells. Bone cold. January. Rememnats of christmas. MIT. Boston art program. Degree. At the school. Vault. Carefull handling. whilte gloves. filtered air. low light.forensic equipment. digital microscope.dangerously close to the canvas.
A mature woman, master of her art and its science. Long silver threaded hair. Leather pants. A whool shirt. Femail assiatant. Young, Kesibian leanings. Wroships the older woman.
She went to the coffee shop. A gift of a silver bell, an eagle bell, two. She returned with a cup of coffee. Waiting for the bus. She got on, he stayed. The bell was the signal. He fave her a card. An impressionist painting. Money, Umpression, Sunrise. Koooking back for him but he was already walking away.In the brown slushy snow.

And then the opening to the first scene, edited:

Elizabeth in Boston when leaves have fallen and trees are naked to the wind. Nolan at the bus stop sheltered with cast-off clothing. She stepped off the bus wearing sturdy winter boots into slushy snow under dirty gray skies. He too had dressed heavily to bear the weather, a long brown coat frayed at the cuffs and collar, a black hoodie covering his head held low; fingerless gloves to better feed the pigeons that took flight at her approach. The birds gathered back into the park behind the bus stop, amidst the naked trees.

That original blob, when teased out, yielded about 1000 half-assed decent words.

Just a thought,

Mike, that's really cool to see your creativity at work like that.

I cannot tell you how many times I've sat down with the intention of doing something similar, but I literally freeze up and my mind goes completely blank. It's so frustrating. I'd give anything to be able to do what you do. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow. It's supposed to rain all day, so I'm planning to spend it reading and writing. I do have ideas and scenes and characters and settings floating around in my head, but it's like when I sit down to dump them onto the page, they evaporate. I don't get it.

Thanks for the suggestion though! I'll let you know how it goes if I manage it!