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Thread: How we write.

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    How we write.

    Hello. My name is Michael Myers and I am a . . . bit perplexed. With Ari’s indulgence, I thought to open a discussion about how we write. Not a crit circle, but rather a discussion about how a story’s words get from brain to paper. How we each individually approach the process. Perhaps there’s something worth learning there. Or not.

    By way of example, here’s a string of words that my keyboard captured. My eyes were closed while I allowed myself to enter into the scene, chasing tendrils. Pausing, observing fast-moving mental images, recording, but never stopping to read back and edit. Misspellings and all:

    drew his gun loaded a bullet toe to the door should he need a swift opening silencer dorr jamb for a steady rest two men nearby scriffy and hungry but just shuffled on she sat in front and they to the rear sharing a brown paper bag the contents of and whiping heri lips with a dirty sleep

    Then in his plain compact sedan, driving away into the the fog of the night.

    The last line came after I’d captured the blob, a coda with the spin needed to fit a larger subtext.

    Thoughts, anyone? Crickets?

    Again note that is NOT A CRIT CIRCLE kind of thing. I have been assured that Ari will see to that.
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    "The time has come," the Walrus said, "to talk of many things."

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