I've just reached another birthday, and each year I re-evaluate my musical pursuits (among other things).

For thirty years, I've played guitar on and off--my favorite is fingerstyle classical, blues, and traditional tunes. I mainly read tablature, but have been plugging away at reading standard notation; I can do it, but I am not yet fluid reading multiple notes at once (as I am reading guitar tablature).

Which brings me to piano. I've taken lessons and have enjoyed practicing easy tunes. Again, reading multiple notes simultaneously is the biggest challenge. I understand theory, and sometimes I just like to play around on the keys.

With each of these instruments, as with other artistic pursuits, my focus comes and goes. I play daily for months and become comfortable and confident. Then I'll not play for months, and that confidence goes away. (I'm coming off a three-month hiatus from guitar and am shocked at how rusty I've become.)

In the last decade or so, I've tried violin and saxophone. Particularly, I've been looking for a one-note-at-a-time instrument. Though learning each of these made reading notation much more enjoyable and challenged my brain and body in good ways, they've presented some challenges. I'm a big guy, so violin is just too small for my fingers. Maybe viola or even cello would be better. With sax, I didn't like my teacher, and playing really, really hurt my teeth. It's not supposed to if done correctly, but I have a weird underbite that might have something to do with it. I still have both instruments, but have not played them recently.

On one hand, I tell myself just stick with what you know (guitar and piano) and work at it more steadily. But this is a milestone birthday which really drives home how short life is. I really, truly enjoy learning new things, even at the expense of other pursuits. I don't want to worry if I don't like something in the end. I'm just in it for the experience and to continue to exercise my brain.

So, what do I try next? I want something that is enjoyable to play solo and isn't too big (sorry tuba). I played trumpet in middle school, but was never very good at it. I think I may have the same problem as I did with sax. Maybe none of the woodwinds or brass will do? Viola sounds interesting; despite the smallness of the violin, I enjoy playing stringed instruments, so the larger viola is appealing. The drawback is the unique use of the alto clef. Cello, though big, is appealing.

I watch videos like this, and I'm inspired to begin again. https://youtu.be/DaugRxMz7tw

Any suggestions?
What are your musical experiences?