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Thread: Comparisons between different blogging platforms

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    Comparisons between different blogging platforms

    Don't know if this post has been made already (it must have, right?) but here I go.
    I have very unsuccessfully tried to start an online blog, for various purposes (one time I wanted to make a study, another time a creative writing blog, another a journal, but nope, I can't juggle at all) and hence tired a few different platforms. I'll just list the places I've tried, and my views on them, and I'd like to know what you have tried, and how it worked out for you, and maybe I can find that one special platform that was designed for meeeeeeeeee... oh, well. I'm honestly cannot put up a good mood today. (pleasetalktome)

    -Tumblr: I started with this because I was.. dumb. I was attracted by it's layout and themes- site decor and little silly addons are (were?) important to me but when it was actually time to write I was upset with the output. I basically tried to make tumblr work like a wordpress site, and that took a lot of theme searching and coding. Even then, I could not find that sweet spot between "good for text" and the aesthetic I was going for. Good writing themes on tumblr needed money, and I'm too cheap for things like that.

    - Google Blogger: I remembered a lot of my favorite blogs were on this one, so I paid it a visit. Earning some ad revenue also tickled my fancy (very gentle tickle). I had a study blog in mind, and the layout was clean enough to navigate. But it seemed SO EMPTY AND LIFELESS. It felt like an island with a total population of me, and ugh, I seriously don't like that guy. I didn't spend too much time tinkering around this one, so if any of you had luck on it, please comment!

    -Wattpad: Oh gosh. Either I falsely recall Wattpad being better than it was, or it really was, but, that site is just not my demographic. I put up a chapter, then took it down in a week. I was dismayed after reading some of the top-read "books".

    -Wordpress: I have a study blog established on this one, and it seems to be taking care of almost everything I need, except for the design/layout. I would very much like to have and a host it, so I can run the plugins I want, get the themes I need, but the study blog isn't publishing as frequently to 'deserve'

    -I've just been reading the post about Medium, and I was thinking to have a look on it. What do you guys think?
    Edit: I took that look at Medium, don't think it's for me. I need a place for my narcissistic drivel, that site seems serious, oh no
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