I've been reading erotica to get my feet wet into the genre and one aspect that's bugged me is the MC (typically female) seems so bland and lacks character qualities. For me personally if I'm not digging the MC, I'm not going to be into whatever sexual escapades that falls her way. The same goes for the person she's having a jolly time getting her bits soaked. I want to be the person rooting on these two believable characters getting hot under the sheets instead of two blow up dolls rubbing latex, human replica genitals.

That's where I'm at with my novel I'm writing. At times it's like an erotica, but we get plenty of romance and in-depth character development between the two characters. It follows the traditional 'three acts' of most novels, which from my understanding isn't the typical for erotica since the point is to arouse the audience and not much in terms of story. Ultimately the novel is going to have lots of drama to it as well and the Feels(c). At this point, I can't make head or tails of it. I am enjoying writing it regardless.