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Crap. I meant the #OwnVoices. And I know the movement itself is not about people getting offended, but it seems like it brought up a lot of discussions about authors writing from their own cultures (which is great) but also authors NOT writing from cultures different from their own (because of the potential to offend.)
It's not so much offending in the generic sense, as it is screwing up by not writing the culture accurately.

It's about doin' it rong.

It's possible to do it right, but it requires a lot of research, and you'd best consult people from within the culture to check (sensitivity readers). Notice the plurals. People. Not just one person.

This isn't an more extraordinary than, say, researching historical eras. It's basic. And just as you consult experts about your use of a historical era, you consult experts about the cultures you're writing about that aren't yours.