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Thread: Fantasy world where skin color is arbitrary -- questions

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    Count me in as confused why the mud didn't drop off the lighter-skinned Fae after their rescue... I'm worried the reason might be steering close to a 'they were covered in [magic] mud and now they're black forever' thing, which is a bit of a white mythology trope that is super racist because it equates blackness with uncleanliness.

    for her white (Scottish, Russian, British, and American) parents and her Indian best friend and her parents (Indian, Bengali, British, and American)
    Also, very quickly: I can't tell if your book starts in the US or UK because you mention Celtic/British influences. If it's starting in the USA this sort of lineage listing won't raise many eyebrows, but if it's in the UK it will raise a lot of eyebrows -- assuming your protags have two parents (if they have poly parents, that's rad, please ignore this paragraph), it's very unusual to see a Brit choose more than two nationalities (Scottish-Indian, British-Indian, British Bangladeshi etc).

    The listing of Scottish and British separately for your first protag raises a ton of questions (did you mean Scottish and English/Welsh/Northern Irish/Manx/Shetlander? Is the writer aware that people who identify as 'Scottish' may or may not identify as 'British', depending on political leaning?).

    I hope this doesn't sound too nitpicky. I love Celtic-influenced Fae stories and I have a big soft spots for stories that include Gaelic, so I'm really excited by the sound of your work!
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