Sorry, my wording was unclear. I wasn't saying they're slaves because they're black; I was saying my character is horrified that people who are black are the slaves. That's what I intended to say. Plus, she doesn't realize that not all of them are. Most, but not all.

The clan who is currently enslaved started out much larger, with a bigger mix of colors. What happens in the story is, they get captured by ogres, who find most of the light-skinned ones first in the dark cave (and eat them). Once their leader figures out how the ogres are finding their victims, he smears the skins of the remaining lighter-skinned ones with dark mud so they're not as easily found. That's right about when they're rescued. The man who rescues them does it at a very high price; he figures they owe him their lives, so he decides to enslave them (long story).

Their slavery is temporary. Nothing about them marks them as slaves except for the way they dress. When they're freed later in the story, they regain their former status and prestige as a free clan.

I like the idea of making green or blue skinned Fae, in theory, but for this story arc I'm going to keep them regular human colors. They interact with the human world later.

So, yeah, it's still random. I was just unclear in my first post. My apologies.

My question still stands: is it disrespectful not to connect racial/ethnic looks in a fantasy world with their respective cultures here in this world?