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Thread: sequential questions

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    sequential questions

    What about the kids? Who were they?
    or should it be:
    What about the kids, who were they?

    In context: (this is still an early draft, please go easy on me)

    Taking over Sergeant Ross’s office was like moving into a haunted house. The faces of a young woman and two children, a boy and a girl, watched him from framed pictures that stood at the corners of the desk. Earl didn’t know anything about Pat Ross’s life and had no idea who those people were. Was the woman a sister, a lover, or a wife? What about the kids, who were they? In a deep side drawer, he discovered a journal, the answer to his questions were buried within those pages; he didn’t want to touch it though because leafing through such a personal item felt like a violation. He turned the photos face down on the desk and stacked the journal on top. He would stow everything away and hope that a friend or relative could eventually be found to claim them.

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