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Thread: Mass shooting at bar in Thousand Oaks, CA

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    Quote Originally Posted by Technophobe View Post

    And while I'm venting my anger about all this, let me say something else. People are talking about the gun control debate. But there is no debate, not any more. The country made it's choice after the Sandy Hook killings, when they came right out and said twenty dead children wasn't a good enough reason to rethink the "all the guns, all the time, for everyone" policy.
    Yep. Because even though the overwhelming majority of Americans say they want more background checks and other regulations that might make it harder for some of these people to get guns, they keep electing people who can't even vote for expanded background checks, let alone to ban high capacity magazines, or bump stocks, or other alterations that make rifles even deadlier than they are already.

    The gap between what most Americans say they want and how they actually vote is vast on everything from gun control to environmental regulation.

    Some of the victims were students at Pepperdine. How long before some of the students at the college where I teach are victims of a massacre? How long before one of us AW-ers is?
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