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Thread: Mass shooting at bar in Thousand Oaks, CA

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    Mass shooting at bar in Thousand Oaks, CA

    Yet another mass shooting, this time at a bar full of college students in one of America's safest cities. So far the death toll is 13, including a police sergeant killed in a shootout with the mass murderer, who is also dead.

    Witnesses reported a horrifying scene as gunfire echoed through the club and those inside ran for cover, in some cases using chairs to break windows to escape the building. Others hid in bathrooms and an attic as they frantically called loved ones who were hearing reports of the shooting.Teylor Whittler went to Borderline to celebrate her 21st birthday on Wednesday night. She was dancing with friends in the bar when she heard what sounded like firecrackers. She quickly turned and followed the noise, only to find a man holding a gun near the entrance to Borderline.

    Erika Sigman, 19, said she began to race toward an exit as soon as screams erupted.

    ďIím a Thousand Oaks resident,Ē she said. ďThis is a safe place. My parents let me go here. This is a trusted place ... to know that this happened in my safe place is a very, very scary thing. You just donít expect it to happen in Thousand Oaks.Ē
    In a particularly sick twist of fate, some of the bar patrons were survivors of last year's Las Vegas concert massacre.

    ETA: On a personal note, when my 4-year-old's cartoon from the DVR finished, the tv flipped to the Today Show opening with the shooting coverage. He started screaming and I comforted him telling him it was far away and he's safe. He's already had drills at his daycare and nightmares about "the shooting man". This is the world we are living in and I can't fucking take it anymore.
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