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Re the story, Nixon was about to be charged with obstruction of justice before he resigned. Obviously the POTUS cannot be above the law. But once he stuffed the court and now the DoJ with Trump cronies, and with the GOP Senators flaunting the law, Trump might be charged by the House but it will almost certainly stop there.

It will be interesting how Mueller handles things now. I have no doubt he's smarter than Trump's corrupt team. The question now is, will Mueller get these guys with state charges?
Isn't that matter (whether state charges can be brought to bear) one of the ones coming up to the (freshly-stacked) SCOTUS soonish?

I'm worried... really worried. This level of brazenness makes me think they really believe they're going to get away with it.

I did go to the local rally tonight, for a little while. (Too cold to stay too long, and the speakers weren't particularly well organized.) Did me some good, even if it's unlikely to make much of an impact against such a stacked deck.