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How important are "pretty prose" for first-time authors wanting to submit to agents? Obviously, I know the novel needs to be grammatically correct and I need to fix as many of these "tell-y" instances as possible, but if there are some paragraphs that I'm struggling to re-word, will it make or break a submission? I feel like the story itself is what makes a good novel and that it's the editors job to help make the words read well, but I know authors have a responsibility to have a good understanding of how to do this, too.
Two important things to keep in mind:

1. Story trumps everything.

2. Learning to revise is perhaps more useful even than learning to write.

Writing allows for unlimited do-overs.

Read everything. Read widely. Think about what you read, think about how the words and sentences work, and what they tell you about the characters and the story.

And revise.