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Thread: NovNoWriMo 2018 - NaNoers & NonNaNoers Welcome!

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    NovNoWriMo 2018 - NaNoers & NonNaNoers Welcome!

    Happy November, all you writers who want a place to monitor your progress for the month! This is the November edition of our monthly progress thread, and whether you're doing NaNo or not, you're welcome to pull up a comfy chair, state your goals, and get ready to work and to cheer your fellow writers on!

    I'll start us off, as always. I've decided to do NaNo this year, and I'm equal parts excited and nervous about it. I love Camp NaNo, but I'm always a bit intimidated by regular NaNo's 50k goal. I'm hoping participating will get me back on a regular writing schedule, and if I can get some good words out of it, so much the better!

    Because of NaNo, I'm going to limit my other goals this month:

    [ ] Do 50k words of NaNo - 0 of 50,000
    [ ] Read three books - 0 of 3
    [ ] Publish my newletter

    So what about you? NaNo, or not?
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