Enjoy that sleepy time, Xen

April - yeah, the not-judgeing thing - that's a whole philosophical rabbit hole, but the other half of that equation is -- acceptance of things as they are and a jettisoning of expectations…
& btw - congrats on moving ahead today

All right Moon - congrats on those words and on finishing

Taylor, I like that approach too. I don't necessarly do it or exactly it, but I definitely prefer to leave off with a bit of momentum left for the next session.

Ptero - my whole WIP is giving me trouble...

Magnus - I had cereal for breakfast -- keep that momentum going!

ap - we gotta let the well fill up sometimes.

Gough - nice work (I gave it a day and I bought the vest today - 24 hour cooling period. A pretty penny, but North Face goose down. Winter's coming…)

Day 8
WIP - 3/4 (did this out of routine since I wicked overslept this morning…)
R/SC - earning service, pre-meditated shopping: 3 belts*; Housemate Interview; one housemate email
$$ - wee bit more work on my indy project

I've been keeping all my pants up with one belt for the last like 5 years or something. Belts are expensive! Anyway, I walked into the store & the girl said 'Hi there, everything in the store is 40% off today' - winning!