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Thread: November Challenge - Write Every Day!

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    Happy Beeps April Swanson's Avatar
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    Feb 2018
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    SecondMoon: Congrats for finishing!

    Taylor: I’m pretty sure Ernest Hemingway said he did that. Mind you, he also said he wrote standing up, so you can’t really believe a word he says.

    Pterofan: Still, 202 is something. The words never come at a regular pace for me – especially when I don’t have an outline.

    Magnus: Sounds like you had an idea-packed day. Good luck with the drafting.

    ap123: Sometimes writing is thinking.

    WGough: Woo, go you! And I dunno…those spines would find a way to get past the fangs. I think they’d slaughter each other in battle.

    Layla: It’s funny, since using my wee index cards this week to record ideas, I’ve realised how much I used to judge ideas. Now I write them all down, and ones I think are ‘wrong’ actually turn out to be useful. Well done for writing even though your routine was put out of joint. And yes, belts ARE expensive! I also have one. In order to put off buying another one I’ve been eating more and moving less

    mwatchorn: Welcome! Good luck reaching your goals

    I tried to hunt for a broad story outline yesterday, then realised I was still pushing too soon. But, the whole exercise of laying my index cards out on the floor helped generate a load more ideas. I have no clue when I’ll start drafting this thing. Trying to not think about that and instead enjoy this brainstorming phase.

    Happy Friday, folks!

    Day 8: Decent bit; 5.5 miles; mango beer
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