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Thread: Mod-induced derail

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    MacAllister's Official Minion & Greeter AW Moderator Ari Meermans's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    Not where you last saw me.
    Let's get out of the bubble I created and go back a bit. That you missed where I was going is on me, not on you guys. The books we're talking about as a jumping-off point are new and are geared to modern novelists who must now compete with visual media such as movies, television, and plays; the concept and the practices I'm proposing aren't new and go back to at least the 17th century when writers met to discuss their ideas and trade pages of their WIPs. Those "salons" were the breeding grounds which spawned the ideas behind the works of Sartre, Hemingway, G. Stein, Fitzgerald, J. Baldwin, Pound, Joyce, and many others. They fed off of each other in a way we can't or don't anymore. We meet via the internet, in critique circles, and the lucky among us grab a table or meet in groups in hotel rooms at conferences in a near-recreation of those literary salons of old. But we no longer practice discussing our ideas the way they used to do. A lot of that is down to the needless worry that ideas will be stolen. Experienced writers know better.

    For us, writing itself has become a completely solitary practice from idea germination right up to the point we start looking for beta readers—the smarter ones among us, anyway. And I think that's too late to identify the fundamental flaws in our ideas. Hence, the workshop.

    So far we have:

    Ari Meermans
    Taylor Harbin

    As others sign-up, I'll update this list and we'll move on to creating our plan and worksheets and checklists for the workshop we'll have in Brainstorming Sandbox. Lisa has graciously volunteered to help with creating those printable materials when we're finished here and are ready to move to the sandbox—and I'ma gratefully take her up on that.
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