Orianna's experience has been really similar to my own.

Depending on the nature of the trauma, any interaction from him may worsen her flashback and push her deeper into it.

Generally though, if someone is dissociating physical tactile sensations can help bring them out of it. That might mean holding them, if that's not a trigger for that individual. It might also mean toasting a blanket in the dryer and then wrapping them in it.

Sometimes putting on music can help. Or if they can't tolerate being touched by a human, a dog or other animal soliciting attention from them can help ground them enough to pull them out of the episode. Smells are another thing. For me, if someone was to open a bottle of vanilla extract or something else fragrant and with comforting memories attached near me it would probably help.

If the person suffering from the flashback has been practicing coping skills like meditation, then putting on a familiar guided meditation app or actually facilitating one themselves can also help pull them out. My counselor is really really good at this with me. If anyone else tried it I doubt they'd have any success simply because they can't read me as well and I haven't really practiced it with anyone else.