May I please join, as well? I'm trying to write a murder mystery but my ideas are all over the place, I excel at procrastinating, and I over-plan in some areas while under-planning in others. As in: I don't know who my main character is yet or the consequences, but I can tell you a -ton- about everything else that's going on.
Three friends/roommates (tentatively named K, C, and A respectively) attend another friend's annual winter party, where someone is poisoned. The murder victim drinks the poison and tries to drive himself to the hospital, but dies during. The car crashes, so it at first looks like a motor vehicle accident. The murderer is a homicide detective who kills his brother out of jealousy. K is dating the cop. C and A aren't fans of cops, and K knows this, so there's already tension there. All three roommates are connected to both the murderer and the victim but they don't know it. I don't want to make K the main character--I want to make A the main character, but I can't figure out how. If I can somehow have the homicide cop get away with murder, I've done something I was indeed intending--the whole "he's investigating himself, so of course he's going to cover his tracks." Orrrr have his partner discover he's the murderer and refuse to cover for him. One of the two.

I would like help with this, as I feel like it's a cool premise that needs um, a lot of help already. But I intend to complete this project!