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Be wary of editors you find on Fiverr etc. I've seen some horrible work there.
And it's not even that it's people out to scam you - you quite literally get what you pay for. If you need something done to a professional level, there's a reason why a professional industry exists, instead of everyone going to Fiverr. I have no idea what credentials the woman in Maryn's post presented her with, but I wouldn't be surprised if the author thought that a native speaker should be able to take non-natively written English text and polish it up. It's something I've dealt with at work from time to time.

"Yo, Tom-san, could you take a look at this and fix the English?"
"This... looks like a technical document, and half of it doesn't make sense. What's the source material?"
"Well, X translated it and his English is pretty good, so..."
"X is an engineer who picked up his English through technical exposure, and his love of thrash metal. My level of Japanese is business conversational. This is going to need a professional to do it right."
"Yeah, but they want $600. We don't pay extra if you two do it."

I'm also reminded of a post I read somewhere on here (hopefully not in this thread XD) about someone arguing with a beta reader about possessive apostrophes.

"You keep misusing apostrophes. It is not 'Pete is hat.' You need to fix all of those."

Just being a native speaker is no qualification of authority on its use.