So, I like to call my work Speculative fiction, because how I integrate culture and political/social commentary into my work, but because I'm a millennial raised on trash Fiction and Fantasy, I view SFF elements are great story telling mediums: sorcery and worldbuilding societies are integral parts of my setting now too. I don't remove contemporary relations (in fact, they're as evident as a black body on a shiny white wall, shout out to Zora Neale Hurston), but I still get flack from publishers who shoot for a diversity angle, but aren't diverse in their editorial staff or perspective.

What are your thoughts on this? Should I gave and just publish exclusively as a genre fiction, or should I keep hunting for publications and agents who might look at my work as I do: as something worth artistic criticism. It shouldn't matter, but I feel like the difference is why a lot of Black readers aren't able to see themselves, and go entire high school careers without even analyzing works hat discuss their lives while also captivating their attention.