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Thread: Puzzling Rice Cooker Recipe Translation

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    Puzzling Rice Cooker Recipe Translation

    One of the benefits of being one of the younger elders in my community is that I am offered a lot of interesting objects by my neighbors as they de-clutter or downsize. As someone who loves to cook, I have collected a number of appliances and related cookbooks that I enjoy, but this new item has stumped me.

    I do a lot of Asian cooking; I own quite a few rice cookers with differing functions, and I gladly accepted a hand-me-down small Tiger brand rice cooker that had a "cake" function. "Cake" was, I thought, self-explanatory, until I consulted the garbled translation in the accompanying cookbook, and found this instruction in all of the cake recipes: "Put the dough into the buttered inner pot. Remove the air on a soft cloth and then select the "cake" function." Despite quite a lot of baking experience (I used to work for a catering service as their dessert chef) I have no idea what this instruction could be referring to. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks for any assistance!

    PS The cookbook is only provided in English, and I have yet to receive a reply to an email sent to the company.
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