I remember my very first stories. One of the very first ones I wrote was a fanfiction of Crash Bandicoot when was like 8. It was basically Crash going through a game like adventure with levels and bosses with the antagonist being an I.R.P (Invincible Robot Pirate, my 8yr old brain made up the name but it's basically a robot pirate from Rayman 2.

When I was in my high school years, a friend of mine introduced World of Warcraft to me and that inspired me to come with a novel series idea. I have planned around 5-6 books in my head and haven't really done anything with it. I'm now 28. I went to college for a creative writing degree and then a masters program for writing genre fiction. However, I dropped out because my mentor did not like my idea. So I am kind going on this journey by myself.