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Thread: Favorite magical/whimsical elements in kid's books

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    Here's a way to put magical elements into your writing. Read Joseph Campbell's Hero of a Thousand Faces.

    Joe, as he preferred, basically talked of the monomyth where all cultures seem to have common elements in all of their stories.

    My WIP has what is called the donor character. It's the point in the hero's journey where an old man or woman gives him or her a magical gift to help in their story.

    So one of my favorite magical parts is the donor character exchange.

    This since yesterday...this is the core of some stories...think of Tolkien. How many donor characters are there in The Hobbit and tLoTR? Even the trolls in the hobbit are donors, unwilling donors. Bilbo and company find their treasure hoard at the end of their encounter.
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