Not sure this is the best forum for this, but since even my questions are fuzzy and I'm feeling dejected, here I am.

I got an R&R from an agent on a requested full last month. She wasn't what I'd call vague, and when I emailed her back with questions, she responded with answers, but I'm definitely not talking about anything as detailed as could be called an editorial letter. I'm working on it, and think I'm just about done, but can't help but feel I'm missing something. In my mind, if the changes I've made so far were actually enough to make the difference, she would have made an offer and then discussed revisions. On the flip side, I can't imagine her offering an R&R if the mss was very far off from offering rep.

I'm stuck, which is ok for the moment bc I want to let it all sit for a bit before looking at it again, but I don't want to stay stuck, and my interactions thus far with this agent have been great, I'd love to have this go forward (to say the least).

Anyone else currently working on an R&R for an agent? Past experience?