Been lurking in this subforum for a while, and came to the realization the other day that part of what is reducing my productivity at work (and in my writing) is that I am literally all over the map. I have standard notepads with various work-related notes scattered all over the place.

When I saw AW Admin's reference to the Bullet Journal write-up here on AW, (thanks Lisa, amazingly helpful!) decided this would be a great way to organize my work-related notes in a more logical fashion. So, off to the interwebs I went. Nothing really struck a chord for me online because the notebook really is a tactile thing, and I wanted to feel it in my hands. Once in OfficeMax, I found two notebook styles that I ended up purchasing:

The first is a college ruled binder of sorts that is about 5x8. I skipped the first four pages, then started numbering each page. At the beginning I have an index, and at the end, I have an Acronyms section. Every ten pages I put a Post-It note for easier "tabbing" of sections of pages so I don't have to flip all through to find a place. Very pleased thus far, and my thoughts here are much more organized.

The second is a smaller version of the same book, only now it's graphed paper. I have done the same page numbering, but no tabs as this is going to me merely for brainstorming and short writing sessions for personal growth kind of stuff.

Lisa referenced a dot matrix style notebook on her post, and I can see where that may have a certain appeal too. But, as with anything where there's subjective opinions, others may have a completely different preference for how they take notes, write, journal, log their thoughts. So, in the interests of a forum community, thought I'd post this question - what kind of notebook or journaling system do you use for writing, taking notes, or what have you?