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Google Plus retired about three and a half minutes after it launched.
hahahaha . Yeah I dont know what going on with them. You would think being the all powerful search engine wouldn't make mistakes like those mentioned. No fair market competition on android devices.

Ive seen two new ones. Apparently they've launched a censored search engine ( planning to _) in china. Put simply it would filter searches like human rights and so forth. I mean really ? Their own employees refused to work on the project. Once again they are are being asked by the eu to drop the project.

They are fumbling the ball alot lately, I think they are spread too thin fighting too many battles. I used to think google was good, it was indomnable. I thought that of windows too.

Facebook suggestions Is probably the biggest issue its facing right now. People are taking to Facebook and asking publicly where can i find a "so and so" people will submit suggestions. This is eliminating google as the first point of searches and advertisers... googles bread and butter are noticing this.

We might soon be say il Facebook it instead of google it.