I hope this is the correct place to post this (only my second post here.)

I have a 13,000 word essay entitled "The Poet, the Physicist and the Immigrant," subtitled if need be, "The Creation of the First Database." It is a narrative about a small group of people who created the first true database in the late 60's. It is written as a story, non-technical (though a few tech. details necessarily creep in,) personal details and human interest (California in '68-74, pot everywhere...) and with an overall theme of a case study in how a great idea flounders without solid marketing skills.

If aiming very high, I'd like to think of it as an "Annals of Computing" story in the New Yorker. Or akin to the Time mag's Tech series 2014, "Fifty Years of Basic..."

How would I go about trying to publish this? I have looked at various magazines' submission guidelines (many don't accept unsolicited,) and, obviously, an agent would not be interested. Any ideas?