I'm finishing up the second draft of my novel, but I need to rewrite the denouement.

What can a denouement be? Every time I try to write one, it's just my MC going on in her head about how thing have changed. I'm telling more than I'm showing, but I don't know how to show things that have happened in the month between the climax and the last chapter. Originally she just walked around and ran into the characters and described what has changed with them. It felt too telltale. But is that what a denouement is?

Another problem is that it turns out short. My first attempt was only 440 words. That's maybe two pages? Is that too little? I don't know what else to add without launching into a deep summary that changes nothing. I just want to show that my MC's life is back to normal, except some friendships have been ruined and she has a different opinion of herself, and there has been some changes in the MMC's life. There isn't another book, so I can't hint at that.

I just don't know what to do.