You are not alone, rosepetal. How often I thought the same thing! For years!

Back in about April, in the 7th year or so working on my book (it was the fifth I'd written, but the one that got me an agent), I hit some kind of real psychological low. The endless revisions were never going to end. My agent was never going to be satisfied. I was wasting my time. I'll never be published.

That book sold early this week.

But I think one of the important things I did earlier this year when I felt like giving up is --- I gave myself permission to give up. Just. . .walk away. Accept the concept that my life dream may never happen, or it might not happen like I'd always imagined it would. Life is like that. I wrote it down in a journal, what my life would be like if I didn't write and never published. Would it be so bad? Could I just write for fun? I'm an ambitious person, but I know hard work doesn't always pay off. I had to look that fact in the face.

I did, but I still kept writing. I kept revising, and I was more relaxed about it. The manuscript had a breakthrough, and now I'm where I am now, because of that and a huge dollop of good luck.

So along with the great advice to separate your self worth from publishing -- this is crucially important even when you DO get published, I think! -- it's worth giving yourself permission to walk away. Live your life, yes. It's more than books and publishing. That pressure will sabotage you, so let it go. I hope it works for you.