Itís not just the (presumably accurately-reported) 5-gallon word-salad spewing from the manís salad-hole. Itís the stagey way this entire thing was conducted.

How can self-respecting adults put up with being expected to behave this way? I mean, these arenít desperate people working minimum-wage sweatshop gigs to make ends meet. These are people who almost certainly will move on to high-six-figure lobbying gigs, so why continue to do this??

In this reporterís shoes, by the end of this Iíd be wary of being shown any large pods... I mean, normal people donít behave like this, do they?? Are they lizard people wearing human skins??

My Private Oval Office Press Conference With Donald Trump, Mike Pence, John Kelly, and Mike Pompeo

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Thereís always chatter about who could replace Kelly. This has been unchanged by the White Houseís decision to claim that Trump has asked him to remain in the job through 2020. Trying to predict the outcome is a foolís errand. Trumpís decision-making style is such that, up until the moment something begins happening, you canít trust that itíll happen. ďDumb luckĒ was the phrase one administration official used to explain Kellyís endurance. The president can only focus his anger or frustrations for so long before he moves onto the next thing. Meaning, if someone is plotting to get rid of Kelly, convincing the president to concentrate on the idea that heís a problem matters more than whether or not he actually is a problem. This is where Kelly is helped by the fact that his enemies are even more inept than they believe he is. ďWhen the president says, I need you to leave, Kelly just ignores him,Ē the administration official said. ďI think the president just doesnít know who to call to fire him. Normally if the president wanted to fire somebody, he would call Kelly to do it. But thereís nobody else to call.Ē
That, I must admit, is a perfect blend of hilarious and horrifying ó call it hilorrifying. And from what has been previously reported about Mr. Youíre Fired!ís famous buck-passing when it comes to firing people, believable.

What a strange time we live in.