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I loved the original series (its format was not dissimilar to Mythbusters, another show I watched assiduously in that same era). I do wonder how the younger, cheery and very funny Alton of the earlier show will contrast with the current Alton, who has come across as a grumpy old curmudgeon when he's guest-judged on recent cooking shows like Chopped.
The only time I've really seen him become incredibly curmudgeonly was when I saw him live a couple years ago. He had a couple people from the audience come up on stage with him and in a segment about fire, he kept trying to get the guy to name the three things you need (heat, fuel, oxygen). Instead, he kept getting Dudebro with an audience so he had to hurry things along and answer his own question to get the experiment done and the guy off stage. It got more and more awkward with each second.