My name is Nate and I'm excited to be apart of the forums here. I love anything fantasy and many things Sci-fi. Currently, I am writing a YA sci-fi novel and that's what my title is referring to.

I am a jack of all trades. My greatest love, besides family and values, is writing. I have written a lot and will write much more. Right now I'm working on becoming an English Teacher. I've done everything from washing windows to installing security systems. I love reading, D&D, basketball, movies, hiking, swimming, workshops, public speaking, and eating!

My goal is to write books with exciting ideas and supremely satisfying content. Right now the book I'm writing is about a young man, employed by the city, who follows the local superhero around and tries to prevent him from damaging city property. When the superhero is killed by a new villain he suddenly finds himself and his friends as the ones that have the best chance of saving the city.

I'm excited to be here and Thank You!