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That counts as writing.

I want to note, for people with cramping and other muscular and pain issues related to writing by hand—if you're relying on ball point pens, consider trying a fountain pen (they don't have to expensive; there are some great easy to use fountain pens under $5.00), pencil or gel pens.

There are some differences in how are brains work with hand writing and keyboards, mostly in terms of long-term memory.

For me, carpal tunnel is a problem. So I alternate between keyboards, fountain pens, (or pencils) and paper.

My handwriting is terrible, but it's good enough for drafts. And I do think differently when I write by hand.
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For me, to keep this writing related, writing is a multi-phasic process. Whatever is mandatory to get to the actual writing phase is what you need (done in the time you have to devote to it). Outlining (or logic flows, whatever you are involved with) is part of the process you need to create deliverables (writing, teaching, whatever).

In that case, yay! I should have been participating in the Write Every Day threads for the past 8 weeks, because this is my forst admin week (not AW Admin - that means my first non-teaching week) in as much time. Which means, absent weekends (when I read), I am now going on 12 straight weeks of writing every day!

Hey, I'll take it where ever I can get it