OK, so rogue 1 is actually assassin rogue/shadow monk. He has the typical associated things, and shadow monk gives him darkness, darkvision, silence and pass without trace.

Second rogue is a swashbuckler. She's super evasive. No magic, but items make her immune to fear (and that same item can lead her to throw herself into dangerous situations randomly thanks to a curse).

Third is the warlock. His spells are Chill touch, eldritch blast, poison spray, burning hands, hex, protection from evil/good, witch bolt, mirror image, fireball and hunger of Hadar. His eldritch blast can push 10 feet.

Fourth, I was mixed up -- there isn't a wizard, he's a warlock who pretends IC to be a wizard. Spells are Chill touch, eldritch blast, poison spray, spare the dying, acid splash, fire bolt, ray of frost, expeditious retreat, with bolt, comprehend languages, detect magic, find familiar, identify, tenser's floating disk, unseen servant, cloud of daggers, hold person, mirror image, fear, fly, leomund's tiny hut.

And the paladin is a vengeance paladin. He has divine sense and a ring of jumping, along with the level 1 and 2 paladin spells. Vengeance's automatic spells are Bane, Hunter's mark, hold person and misty step.

Our group is pretty killing focused, so it's going to be interesting to see how long they can last in this before they do a murder. >.>

My sister suggested maybe padding out the timeline option -- maybe giving them a few clues in the murder room or from the ghost's foggy memory, and they have to either try to persuade the teachers to give them information that a student probably doesn't need, or else they need to solve puzzles to find/unlock an archive at the school which could have the information, but I'm not sure even that's enough?

And thanks Fenyo! I'll keep in mind where the placement should go as the actual writing comes together. (And with this group, the timing is all sort of up in the air anyway. They could blow through the RP stuff in 20 min, or get distracted for an hour or two messing around with a single piece of nonsense )