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Thread: Approaching an agent with offer in hand if you get a publishing offer before you get an agent?

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    And revisions are never-ending. Once an agent signs you, and shops you around you will still have to make revisions over and over until you get sold. For example, if they send it out on the first round of subs, if you get rejected by all of them, most likely the agent will want you to do more revisions or a thorough rewrite. Then they will send it out again and if you get rejected again you will probably do more revisions and rewrites. The reason revisions might continue is because agents will take in consideration what pubs say they didn't like about the book and in order to hopefully get others interested, they will have you implement changes so don't think that even if you get an agent that revision time is over. Oh no. You will do way more revisions with an agent than you will when signed with the publisher.

    On another note, you can drive yourself crazy focusing on one book or one agent/publisher. It's best to start working on other things in the meantime so if this book doesn't sell, you can always have something to offer. Plus it keeps you sane not to worry about this stuff constantly. All it does is hinder progress. Things are slow in this industry so just gotta take let them go as they do and not be impatient.
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