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General request for the thread: can we choose a different phrase to describe this phenomenon?
Agreed. And can everyone also remember that women with so-called "masculine" traits are real, living and breathing women too? I've had my whole life being told I'm "not feminine" and that I walk/talk/dress/eat/skate/etc ad nauseum "like a man" and it's tiresome. "man with boobs" - I've not been called that in those exact words but it's been implied often enough or said in other ways that I'm "like a man" and not "like a woman".

I hate the labelling of personality traits as "masculine" and "feminine" as they are just stereotypes within our culture, not universal truths and there are many people who don't fit those stereotypes. I'm equally as feminine as this female Neandertal or a female T. rex... i.e.. 100% feminine, because modern western stereotypes don't get to define feminine for the whole of nature. (In T. rex the females were bigger and stronger than the males but that doesn't stop people portraying cartoon female T. rex as a smaller, weaker version standing behind the male one with a twee bow on her head. Because so many people default "female" to "smaller, weaker, less significant, less important, twee version of the real thing" - and therein is the issue because it's what so many characters in films amount to. Either that or they're just there to be sex objects.)

There is no right or wrong way to be female and there will be women with every combination of personality traits you can imagine. I agree very much that women who are more like the so-called "feminine" stereotype are also strong women and those traits are as valid as any other personality trait, and that there are multiple definitions of strong - you can be strong like a rugby forward (and still wear flowery dresses after the game if that's to your taste) or you can be strong through enduring multiple hardships or you can be strong by persevering against adversity. And there's more to life (and well-developed characters) than just being strong.